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The SF Academy Influencer Program

The destination for creators who seek to monetize their online presence

With SF Academy, you'll become an expert on...

How to take off your influencer career.

Biggest misunderstandings of the industry

How to Brand Yourself 

How to leverage tools for creators.

How to establish a relationship with your audience.

How to contact and establish relationships with brands in the long term.

How to Monetize your networks and audiences.

How to negotiate contracts.

How to maintain your relationships with brands once the campaign is over.

How to implement marketing strategies for your own brand.

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More About the Program 

The purpose of this virtual course is to empower creators to reach their full potential and to monetize their networks in order to realize their dreams.

  • Are you interested in monetizing your audience and growing your network?

  • Would you like to improve your digital presence and elevate your content?

  • Dream of quitting your job and focusing on creating content you love?

  • Are you interested in increasing your brand's reach and attracting new followers?

  • Are you interested in learning how to contact and work with brands like Colorupop, Morphe, Fashion Nova, Pretty Little Thing, Sigma, Verizon, Foreo, Alamar cosmetics, Sephora, Boxycharm...?

  • Are you interested in learning how to negotiate contracts and make campaigns that are not only free exchanges?

  • Tired of producing content but not seeing results?

The 8-week course will give you all the tools you need to get started creating and strengthening your personal brand. We will cover a number of topics, such as:

  • How to create your media kit

  • How to define your audience

  • What kind of content should you create

  • How to communicate with your niche

  • Contacting brands and how to respond to them when they only want to give you free products!

Invest in yourself by joining us at SF Academy. We are waiting for you!

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