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Welcome to the Network

Connect with the most recognized brands on the market today.

Why PR Network

SF Influence prides itself on establishing meaningful connections between brands and creators. Influencers are crucial to the growth of brands and our goal is to build bridges that lead to long-term work relationships. 

We guide creators and provide them with the resources they need to succeed in their space by turning campaigns into profitable long-term partnerships. 

Let your influence work for you! We connect creators with brands that value influencer marketing and look to form lasting relationships with their talent through SF.


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Apply to our PR Network

Our network is only accessible through applications. To connect with hundreds of brands, fill out our online form today.  

Get Selected to the Network

We will send you a welcome email and call once you're accepted.  You will participate in our monthly PR campaigns.

Create Content & Get Connected
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Get luxury brand products delivered to your door.   

Connect with top brands every month. 

SF creator network resources at your fingertips. 

Be discovered by top brands and boost your social media credibility.

Exclusive access to new releases and exciting brand launches 

The Network you Deserve

Through our PR network, we provide each of our members with a hands-on experience. As a content creator, our primary goal is to enable you to maximize your social media presence by providing you with the tools and resources you need. By providing exclusive products from quality brands, we add value to each influencer's profile. 

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